Agile Testing Pyramid

If you have ever developed a build\deployment pipeline with automated UI testing at the end, then this article is for you!

Its spot on with how fragile UI tests can be and the amount of $$$$ it cost to keep maintaining them.

So in a nut shell, this is what I am taking away from the article in regards to testing strategies.  (#1 below is given the most priority, with #3 given the least)

  1. Focus most of your testing on unit testing.  Really get your developers to put effort into building out unit tests and make sure they are executed with every build.
    • Failed unit tests = failed builds
    • Automate everything!!!
  2. Next, try to test services individually via automation.  An important aspect here is that the UI shouldn’t contain service\logic features, but just UI controls that call back into the service.
  3. Finally, the UI testing that seems to always need maintenance should be given the least amount of attention.  Something that still needs to be done, but your focus should not be here exclusively.


Interesting article….  Seems like back in the waterfall days the focus was on finding bugs, but now with agile, the focus is on preventing bugs…

My vote is for Agile! 🙂