Agile Velocity – Don’t Take It Serious

Velocity – Its a metric, but not a metric to take serious.  This is my opinion!

  • Is it beneficial to skip story points or think of each story as 1 point?
  • Would it be okay to capture velocity, but tie zero goals or KPI’s to it?
  • Do we need to hide velocity from managers and PM’s?
  • Would it be okay to focus on building cool solutions and not worry about all these metrics?
  • Do we do what works in regards to sprints and capacity for the team?
  • How about we NOT measure team productivity by velocity, but rather deliverable’s!!


Tech Lead – Characteristics

So what makes a good tech lead.  In my opinion its something that warrants a type of framework or guide.  Its to easy to forget about the little things that make up a good tech lead.

After some researching and brainstorming, I came up with the following matrix\chart to better clarify expectations and help guide others to success.


It will be a good reminder for those leads out there to periodically look at this diagram and take action as needed.

Blink(1) USB Light

I just got my Blink(1) in the mail today.  Its a cool indicator light that hooks into your USB port.


There is a ton of potential with this device.  You can utilize the Blink1Control2 application to setup event polling triggers or just play around with the colors. (e.g. Show red color when a specific email is received)

Or you can enable your device to listen on a specific port, which would allow you to update the device remotely via a curl command. (e.g. Jenkin job failure)  You can find the URL summary here.

Another option to using the light is to integrate it into a program, which would allow for more customizations.  Pretty easy to do with Python.  The Blink Python lib can be found here.

AWS SAA Certification Prep – 2018

I’m getting ready to take the AWS Solutions Architect Associate 2018 test.  Below are some final items I need to review before the exam.


Specific Items:

  • Spot vs Spot Block
  • Application ELB vs Classic ELB
  • Convertible vs. Standard Reserved Instances
  • EBS Cost vs Performance
  • EC2 reverse proxy (link) (link)
  • Glacier Retrieval Options
  • Beanstalk vs. NGINX
  • Cross-region snapshots for databases