VSTS Bot – First Thoughts

So I recently read about the new VSTS Slack Bot.  This type of automation really gets me pumped as it aligns with one of my core DevOps principles, automation!!

So it pretty easy to setup.

  • Hit this page and click the Add to Slack button.
  • You will then need to get your access code from with your VSTS account and type it into the Slack Bot

From there you can do things like view\create a Release by typing “Releases” and then clicking the “Create” button. (GH-LunchMenuAction = My Release for my Google Home Action)


You can also view approvals and launch builds.


Kind of a cool little add-on from Microsoft.  It’ll will be interesting to see what functionality is added in the future.

Note – Stuff like this is why I would recommend going with VSTS and not TFS on-premise.  Eventually VSTS will have all TFS on-premise features, plus its cheaper and you get updates hassle free….  Its only a matter of time.