TortoiseGit – Key Generator

Here is a little gotcha that I have encountered before.  When creating public\private keys for use with Git and TortoiseGit, I seem to have no problem using PuttyGen.  (How To Link)

However, when I use SSH-KeyGen, I seem to encounter the following error while connecting to Git.

  • Couldn’t load this key (OpenSSH SSH-2 private key)

So here is the deal.  My install of TortoiseGit uses Pageant to store private key for use.  This program only really recognizes private keys in the .ppk format, which is the Putty format.

So what you can do with the KeyGen private key is, convert it to .ppk using PuttyGen.  Its pretty easy to do, just click the Load button from PuttyGen, select your file, enter your phrase, and then save the file (.ppk) back to disk.  Now update Tortoise (remote) to use this new .ppk file.