Brian Harry – DevOps Presentation

I was fortunate to have had the opportunity to listen to Brian Harry speak twice this week. (At work and at MHTA)  I have been a big follower of Brian since the early TFS 2005 days, so I was pumped!!!

His talk was about DevOps and his VSTS teams journey.  Below are some of the highlights I wrote down from his presentations.

  1. His team always strives to find the root cause of issues… Always!!!
  2. His team works in 3 week sprints.
  3. It takes his team about 2 weeks to push out VSTS updates to all locations.
  4. They push releases internally 1st which is a lot quicker.
  5. They have feature teams, with each feature team responsible for all aspects of there code.  (e.g. Build, test, deploy, production support, etc…)
  6. Their feature teams have dedicated roles that are responsible for troubleshooting issues in production .
  7. Brian uses VSTS to help planning his farm tasks.
  8. You can not put a timeline on your DevOps journey.  If so, there is a good chance you will fail.
  9. He highly recommended the book “Drive” by Daniel Pink!
  10. Merging is really expensive
  11. They have release branches and that is about it.  (In addition to master\mainline)
  12. More “Shift Left” testing, which mean more unit testing.
  13. Feature flags are a huge part of DevOps

Overall I really enjoyed listening to him and was able to congratulate him on the success of TFS and VSTS.


DevOps – 2 words that come to mind

So what are the 2 words that come to me when someone says DevOps?

  • Collaboration – This means that all teams practice strong collaboration between one another.  This doesn’t mean more email or messaging, this means sitting in the same area, participating in the same morning scrums, solving issues together, reviewing work together, etc…
  • Automation – This means looking at your build\deployment pipelines and other SDLC processes, and applying automation to them to produce predictable, repeatable, and reliable results.  (e.g. Automated CI deployments, automated notifications)

With collaboration and automation, we can continually delivery value throughout the SDLC.

Its really as simple as that for me.

Starting my blog…..

Starting up another blog.  My previous blog was on and ran for about 7 years.  Lots of good stuff, but time for a change, so I decided to try

Some of the DevOps topics and tools I will be blogging about are.

  • DevOps
  • ELK
  • Docker
  • AWS
  • Gradle
  • Ant
  • Maven
  • Ansible
  • TFS
  • Git\GitHub
  • Jenkins
  • Java
  • Spring Boot
  • Scrum
  • Monitoring
  • etc…..